Korganika aims to help all of our customers live the healthiest lives they can. In order to reach this goal, we have researched many scientific studies & it may come as a surprise, but the common conclusion to healing chronic disease & boosting immunity was remedies that were not made by pharmaceutical companies, but in fact by Mother nature. Furthermore, they tend to be remedies used by Ancient civilzations.
We look forward to being a part of your journey back to your healthiest self!


We source our black seed oil (nigella sativa) from Egypt. Known as the secret of the Pharaohs, it can be used for a number of issues from high blood pressure, iron deficiency, skin disorders, cancer treatment, weight loss, hair issues, overall immune support and much more. We sell it pure and do not mix it with any other oils.


Also known as chlorophyll; it is the green pigment found in plants & algae. It is essential in photosynthesis, allowing plants to turn light into energy. It is full of vitamins and antioxidants with benefits like stimulation of immune system, eliminating fungus from the body, cleaning intestines, getting rid of bad odours, energizing the body & preventing cancer. This is your detox best friend!


We are deeply proud and excited to present to you our carefully curated Miracle Mix!

Made with Ancient remedies and healing in mind, this perfect concoction will not only make your skin glow, but will aid in treating eczema, psoriasis, ingrown hair, acne and more!

To add to that, it can be used to treat cold sores, or to be added to a juice or tea, or even used as a bath soak.

​There is no other product like it!


The Vagus Nerve is the largest cranial nerve stemming from the brain to the gut and plays a vital role in regulating stress, rest and emotions. It carries an extensive range of signals from the digestive system and organs to the brain and vice versa. 

​Tending to the Vagus Nerve is often overlooked, but using this beautiful calming blend will show fast effects when massaged into the sides of the neck or solar plexus chakra.

​Take it with you and if you are feeling anxious or stressed, rub it on your hands and inhale whilst cupping your hands over your nose, then rub behind ears.

Feel my amazing calming and grounding affects!

"I have suffered with anaemia my whole life, and after 2 weeks taking Alien Tears and black seed oil, I no longer feel the fatigue and weakness. My iron levels are now at a healthy level, even my doctor is impressed!"

Jane Emmet


Our success is measured by your level of wellbeing. Get in touch today and find out how we can help set you on the path to better health. Also, stockist queries are welcome.