Vaginal Health with Korganika!

Vaginal Health with Korganika!

Vaginal health is very important to women's overall health. Vaginal problems can affect fertility, odour, desire for sex, ability to reach orgasm and much more! Apart from the physical downsides of poor vaginal health, it can also cause problems in relationships or affect your self confidence.

Some of us believe as long as we practice safe sex that our vaginal health is just fine, but that is certainly not the case. It can come down to something as simple as the food we eat or the material of underwear that we choose.

Lucky for us, there is a fast cure to most vaginal problems and that is Black Seed oil!

By just grabbing a cotton round and putting black seed oil on it, then rubbing it on and in your vagina, you can fast get rid of thrush, vaginal dryness, bacterial vaginosis, regulate vaginal discharge, vaginal irritation, sensitivity & balance your pH levels all within a day or two!

Furthermore, many women unfortunately complain of painful sex and suffer with it in silence for years, assuming that it is normal and just their situation. Ladies, you do not have to live with this!

This mostly occurs due to heavy metals, PCOS, parasites or endometriosis. For this common issue, we recommend that you try our Zetox. This is a fast acting heavy metal and toxin removal spray. Customers have reported passing parasites, YES PARASITES, from their vagina and once passed, sex is no longer painful! Also most women with the above issues have reported that their period pain regulated within the first month of using Zetox.. no more PAIN!

Most importantly for endo and PCOS sufferers, no more cramps!

You can repeat the black seed oil trick as needed, but once a month is good just for maintenance, although not necessary. Doing a Zetox Detox (so using it for 3 months) is recommended once a year.

Vaginal health is not given the recognition it deserves and through that, a lot of women are ashamed to talk about it! Start giving your vagina the love it deserves! After all, vaginas do make the world go round!

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