I’ve just received my Fantastic Four. Now what?

I’ve just received my Fantastic Four. Now what?

Well firstly, congratulations in taking this step to better energy, stronger immunity, clearer mind, toxin removal, gut healing, skin health and much more!

So now as a beginner, we recommend you begin with the following protocol for the first 7 days:

Morning: ☀️

2 sprays of Zetox first thing in the morning (it’s a tasteless spray, so easy to take)

👶 Children over 6 months old to take 1 spray in the morning and 1 at night.

Then put 5-7 drops of Alien Tears in your cup/bottle of water (best taken on an empty stomach first thing for weight loss but you can drink throughout the day as it is so energising, but don’t drink past 5pm so you can sleep)

3 drops of Onyx Drops can be added to your Alien Tears and water mixture, however for first time detoxers, we recommend introducing this after the first week, as Onyx Drops is also a heavy metal detox. It pushes oxygen to the muscles and the brain, also pushing minerals into the cells, making it very powerful. So you may not want to double down on your detox as a first timer, but it is personal preference.

Alien Tears and Onyx Drops are also tasteless and an enjoyable ritual to add to your day.

Night: 🌙

3 sprays of Zetox

A few drops of Black seed oil rubbed under the soles of the feet.

This is a great way to get your body introduced to this beautiful oil. You’ll notice you’ll sleep better even just by rubbing it on the soles of your feet!

After week 1:

Morning: ☀️

So now you can take all 5 sprays of Zetox in the morning. (Children can take 2-3 sprays all in the morning now). You also may have already met the parasites that were living rent free in your body floating around in your toilet bowl by now.

Eeeeek! An odd site we know, but doesn’t it feel good to get them out!

You can add 5-7 drops of Alien Tears in water and 3-5 drops of Onyx Drops into the same cup/bottle of water and you can have this a few times throughout the day if you wish. Try not to have them past 5pm because of their energising properties.

Night: 🌙

Black seed oil is ready to start ingesting.

A few drops is enough and some people may prefer to have some juice ready to drink after it as it is an acquired taste.

Let us know in the comment section what you think of the taste 😊

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and if you are using our products for a specific purpose, eg. Thyroid function, anxiety, gut repair, so we can help you customise your dosage after your detox period (first 2 weeks).

We’re always happy to help.

Happy detoxing! 😃

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